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Startup Story: Browserling @RepBarbaraLee

Here’s a startup story about Browserling, showing how passing the Startup Visa, will secure the job of at least James, one of the founders, and encouraging the growth of a company that will surely be hiring in the not-so-distant future.

Browserling lets users test their websites in a controlled environment as seen from different web browsers. Founded by Oakland resident James Halliday and Latvian resident Peteris Krumins, the Browserling team has just finished raising their seed round. They’re a solid team with a great product, and the future looks bright for James and Peteris.

However, as Peteris is a Latvian resident, he can only visit on a short-term basis, and his visa doesn’t allow him to work while visiting. Startup founders know that raising money can mean slowing product development down to focus on all the investor meetings and paperwork preparation, but this is ridiculous.

James and Peteris have enough to worry about the risky business of growing a company. With a Startup Visa, both founders would be able to live in the same place in the US, and when the time is right, begin hiring workers to benefit Oakland.

Tell Barabara Lee (@RepBarbaraLee) to support the #startupvisa act and create jobs in Oakland. Let James and Peteris worry about building browserling into a great company, not about the US Immigration Service.

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