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Startup Stories: Apply in the Sky @NancyPelosi

Apply in the Sky is a San Francisco-based startup that provides a web platform to help people navigate important transitions in career and education. Co-founded by Italian Chiara Piccinotti and American Emily Chiu, they have already made their first hire, in developer and technical lead Ryan Kaminsky.

Unfortunately, while the team is headquartered in SF, out of the SOMA neighborhood, Chiara is based out of Chicago, where she is pursuing an MBA on a J1 visa, which is what allowed her to come to the US in the first place to start building Apply in the Sky with Emily. 

The irony, of course, was that the single thing enabling Chiara to work on her company was also preventing her from devoting her time to it fully. And let’s not forget the significant financial burden that business school entails — not ideal for the founder of a bootstrapped company. Even so, this is only a short term solution. The J1 visa allows for 18 months of “Academic Training”, so about a year from now she may once again be unable to legally work for my startup.

With a Startup Visa, Chiara would be able to focus on Apply in the Sky with the rest of the team, helping people to handle moving between jobs easier.  Tell Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to support the Startup Visa bill.

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