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Startup Visa has a bill number: S.565

Support the Startup Visa bill at or one of the links at the bottom of the post.

Senate Process: The Startup Visa Act has been introduced to the Senate, which is called being “read twice,” in the bill’s status on THOMAS.  The bill was then sent to the Judiciary Committee, which oversees Immigration issues, which the Startup Visa is classified under. Once the committee meets, expect the bill to be assigned to the Immigration subcommittee. If it emerges from the Judiciary committee, the bill will be ‘read a third time’ on the floor and then voted on.

Goals: The Judiciary Committee is chaired by Sen. Leahy of VT and its membership can be found here: For those of you in Silicon Alley, NYC, Senator Schumer is the chair of the Immigration subcommittee, whose membership can be found here:

These committee members are our initial targets to gain support from.

Immigration Subcommittee Twitter handles:

Chuck Schumer, New York (Chairman) : @ChuckSchumer
Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont : @SenPatrickLeahy
Dianne Feinstein, California : @DianneFeinstein
Dick Durbin, Illinois : @DickDurbin
Al Franken, Minnesota : @AlFranken
Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut : @DickBlumenthal

John Cornyn, Texas (Ranking Member) : @JohnCornyn
Chuck Grassley, Iowa : @ChuckGrassley
Orrin Hatch, Utah : @OrrinHatch
Jon Kyl, Arizona : @SenJonKyl
Jeff Sessions, Alabama : @SenatorSessions

More later!

A roundup of links about the bill:

THOMAS, Library of Congress:




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